I don’t post a lot of my more serious pieces of writing here because a) I never finish them or b) I’m afraid they’ll be plagiarized, seeing as WordPress isn’t exactly the Fort Knox of copyright law. But what stories I do choose to post can be found here.

Les Rosiers du Minuit In French. Translated from the story by Patricia C. Wrede.

The Girl with the Rust-Red Hair A short autobiographical story I wrote for class a while ago.

The Story of Eros and Psyche My retelling of the classic Greek myth.

Clockwork: A Play in One Act A theatrical adaptation of the book by Philip Pullman. This is one of the larger things I’ve written, but I’m not afraid that anyone will try to publish or perform it, because if I don’t catch you… Philip Pullman will.

Thing An original one-act play, written for a cabaret show concept called “BarnStorm I Love You” set to be performed in the UCSC Barn Theater but never brought to fruition. It bears mention that I wrote this as a freshman… and I plead the 5th about any similarity to real events that occurred in the UCSC theater department that year.

Retrouvailles / Homecoming A short story in French about the Chinese-American immigrant experience? At the very least I promise you haven’t heard this one before. (There’s an English version too.)


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