I wear your grandpa’s clothes

18 03 2013

I have discovered a very, very dirty secret about Fribourg: there’s a Swiss version of Bargain Barn. Sure, it’s not CHF1/pound (…kilogram? trolololol oh metric system), but I got a backpack that I think is from the Swiss army in WWII for 10 francs. It can carry Mary Poppins-amount of stuff, it’s comfortable, waterproof, and I think will last for a hundred years. And thus, my man-bag experiment comes to a close. I think I’ll still use it every once in a while, but biking with a man-bag is such a nuisance, and that was the ultimate deal-breaker.

Speaking of thrift shops, WATCH THIS:

Naw, no seriously, she just took your grandpa’s style. #bluffcalled

Another source of Internet-tainment which i’m currently obsessed with…

I think Theon Greyjoy being Joey Richter sends a clear message: They want this to be the Very Potter Musical of “Game of Thrones.” And you know what? I need something to tide me over until the next season starts, and I am so down.


Hunger Games trailer

14 11 2011




OK Go music videos

24 02 2010

I’ve been falling in love recently with the band OK Go. They’re mostly famous for the hit pop-punk song “Here It Goes Again” and accompanying music video. That used to be the only song of theirs I’d heard. But I’ve discovered that the rest aren’t just less hummable variations on the same theme as “Here It Goes Again”; they’re a lot less predictable than one might think. They’re listenable, hummable and definitely alternative, but they don’t rely on the same repetitive power chords that every punk band seems to use.

And the coolest thing about them? Their music videos are all completely unique, bizarre and awesome, the kind of stuff that you wish you could think of if you became a rock star. They wear crazy awesome clothes and do crazy awesome stunts while playing crazy awesome songs. Basically, they’re badasses and I kind of want to be Damian Kulash.

So, I decided to make a mini-compilation of their videos, because it’s such a crazy collection of awesomeness. This is what my Internet has been consumed with lately. Watch, listen and enjoy!


“Here it Goes Again” – the famous treadmill dance. It’s twice as epic just because it’s so homemade… they remind me of those weird kids that everyone secretly wants to be, who wear pink pants in the senior talent show and pull it off. You all know the ones I mean.

“Don’t Ask Me” – The song is amazing and has been stuck in my head for days. Betcha can’t listen to it without dancing or at least tapping your feet. Plus one of the greatest couplets ever put to music can be found at 1:48. As for the video, it makes use of selective color and slutty backup dancers, always the ingredients of a good time.

“Do What You Want” – filmed with some weird camera trick. It’s a sick song too.

“This, Too, Shall Pass” – the boys use themselves as test subjects for a giant Rube Goldberg Machine. The song isn’t that great, but this is by far the coolest of all their videos.

Alternate version of “This, Too, Shall Pass” – involves audience participation and the entire Notre Dame Marching Band jumping out of the bushes. Not as cool as the other one, but still worth a glance.

“Invincible” – the band wears badass suits and blows things up.

“WTF” – This one is pure genius, because it takes a visual that usually happens when your computer freezes and uses it for awesome effects.

Note: For most of these you have to click on the link and watch it in a new window… I’m working on finding videos that let me embed them.

The Lady Gaga Chronicles, Part II

14 12 2009

If anyone stalks my blog (ha! yeah right!), they might remember a while back when I wrote a post about how I was developing a grudging respect for Lady Gaga. My two basic observations were that 1. she can sing like a powerhouse and 2. she bears more than a passing resemblance to the Antichrist. Nonetheless, when she performs without the dark-pop sound of her recordings, she sounds great. Proof positive of this has arrived in the form of this video, which shows her at an NYU talent show before she took on her pseudonym and weirdo persona.

I seriously love this video to the point where I had to post it here just to make sure that I could find it again. The first song is my favorite, but the second one has a jazz vibe to it that really works once she gets into it. Her voice has that Zooey Deschanel/Doris Day kind of silkiness which makes me go ga-ga (no pun intended). I think I would worship the ground she walks on, if she ever recorded anything that didn’t remind me of the middle part of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

Random sidenote: At your school talent show, those two frat guys do their trash can lid drum solo act for the umpteenth time. At NYU’s talent show, Lady Gaga gives a live acoustic performance. Sigh. Aaannd January 1st looms ever closer…

21 Accents

3 11 2009

This woman is officially my hero:

I can do some accents, but hers are FLAWLESS. (Okay, except for the Russian and Deep South ones.) The California accent and the Seattle accent? I couldn’t even hear the difference! And the Katharine Hepburn accent was a trip! And I almost shat myself laughing when she did the Brooklyn accent at 1:55. I love how she’s so expressive and changes her persona with every accent. She’s amazing.

Okay, so maybe the straight side of me is a little in love with her, but I digress. The same lady also does some interesting videos about how to learn accents, and in them she uses all kinds of different accents interchanged, so you never even find out her nationality. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an international woman of mystery.