I wear your grandpa’s clothes

18 03 2013

I have discovered a very, very dirty secret about Fribourg: there’s a Swiss version of Bargain Barn. Sure, it’s not CHF1/pound (…kilogram? trolololol oh metric system), but I got a backpack that I think is from the Swiss army in WWII for 10 francs. It can carry Mary Poppins-amount of stuff, it’s comfortable, waterproof, and I think will last for a hundred years. And thus, my man-bag experiment comes to a close. I think I’ll still use it every once in a while, but biking with a man-bag is such a nuisance, and that was the ultimate deal-breaker.

Speaking of thrift shops, WATCH THIS:

Naw, no seriously, she just took your grandpa’s style. #bluffcalled

Another source of Internet-tainment which i’m currently obsessed with…

I think Theon Greyjoy being Joey Richter sends a clear message: They want this to be the Very Potter Musical of “Game of Thrones.” And you know what? I need something to tide me over until the next season starts, and I am so down.




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