21 Accents

3 11 2009

This woman is officially my hero:

I can do some accents, but hers are FLAWLESS. (Okay, except for the Russian and Deep South ones.) The California accent and the Seattle accent? I couldn’t even hear the difference! And the Katharine Hepburn accent was a trip! And I almost shat myself laughing when she did the Brooklyn accent at 1:55. I love how she’s so expressive and changes her persona with every accent. She’s amazing.

Okay, so maybe the straight side of me is a little in love with her, but I digress. The same lady also does some interesting videos about how to learn accents, and in them she uses all kinds of different accents interchanged, so you never even find out her nationality. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an international woman of mystery.




2 responses

3 11 2009

omg, her Australian/NZ ones were PERFECT :O

I wish I could do this.

4 11 2009

i JUST watched this yesterday! (again….) haha i think i was in shock the first time i saw it. She is SO amazing!

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